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Ask any military leader the difference between winning and losing on the battlefront is effective battlefield intelligence.  Hiring for culture is no different.  This is why EntreLeadership lessons focus on extending the recruiting process, creative interviews, and not making decisions purely on skill.

For years, I’ve advocated either DiSC or Style of Influence (SOI) in lieu of the Myers-Briggs.  I’ve taken all three in business settings and I would say each has strengths, but all three focus on approaching communication and collaboration.  I found something different.

On September 21, I attended Security Advisor Alliance‘s conference.  Arguably, one of the best conferences for information technology leaders in 2018.  One particular break out session caught my eye:  Using personality analytics not just for culture, but learning capability.

Here is the front page of my report:

Nevertheless, I was and still am throughly impressed by this tool.  Not only did it eerily get me as a possible candidate, it perfectly got my strengths and weaknesses as employee.  Things managers need to know as they give role and responsibilities, including things to look to ensure performance.

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InfoSec Governance: What Success Looks Like

“If you spend more time on coffee than on IT security, you will be hacked.  What’s more, you deserve to be hacked.”

Richard Clarke, Whitehouse Cyber Security Advisor

Six Outcomes

#6.  Integration.  When all InfoSec processes work as intended from end to end.

#5.  Measuring Performance.  When all InfoSec processes are monitored and measured to make sure they acheive their goals.

#4.  Optomized Resources.  All InfoSec knowledge and infrastructure are being effectively used as designed.

#3.  Delivered Value.  When security investments support business goals.

#2.  Managing Risk.  Consciously deciding to act.

#1.  Strategic Alignment.  When InfoSec and business strategy align, creates three achievements:

  • The enterprise defines what good strategy looks like.
  • Security matches the company’s DNA, instead of trying to rewrite it.
  • The amount of money spent on InfoSec reflects how important security is to the organization.

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